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1/4" White Oak with MDF core (10 sheets)

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Quality 1/4" 11.75” x 19” White Oak Plywood, Two-Sided A Grade, pack of 5

6mm White Oak Plywood. Our plywood is a quality product, excellent for laser etching and cutting, CNC, scroll sawing, band sawing, pyrography, engraving, and crafting.

Items ship within 48 hours and will arrive via USPS in a Priority Mailbox.

Please note: Due to the nature of wood, as an organic product, it is affected by changes in atmospheric conditions, and some warping is common. To keep our sheets as flat as possible, we take the following measures, and recommend that you do the same:

• Store in a dry and moderate temperature room.
• Keep out of direct sunlight and intense heat to avoid sun bleaching and over-drying.
• Lay sheets on a flat surface, with evenly placed weighted objects on top, so the plywood can get acclimated to your local humidity.


GF settings

Engraving Speed 700 Power 90 LPI 270

Cutting Speed 110 Power Full