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1/4" Walnut with MDF core (5 sheets)

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This 1/4" Walnut Plywood delivers an exceptional finish and we've worked hard to deliver a beautiful hardwood product at a competitive price for our Glowforge and Laser makers. The A1 cabinet grade finish delivers a blemish-free surface making it perfect for your Laser, CNC, and custom designs. We use this material in our Glowforge Pro and it cuts and engraves beautifully!

There are 5 pieces to accommodate your project scope while ensuring you have enough material to get the job done. Both sides are veneered with an MDF core and each sheet measures approximately 11.75" x 19". Please note: Walnut has unique characteristics and color variations making no two pieces identical.

Each sheet has an actual thickness ranging from 5.6mm-5.8mm or .22"-.23".

All of our plywood sheets are cut to size to fit the Glowforge Pro, Plus, and Basic machines along with many other Laser and CNC machines. Visit our other listings for other sizes and materials. 

Items ship within 48 hours and your sheets will arrive via USPS in a Priority Mailbox.


GF settings

Engraving  Speed 700    Power 90   LPI 270

Cutting    Speed 110      Power Full