1/4" Maple Plywood  (5 sheets) 11.75" x 19"
1/4" Maple Plywood  (5 sheets) 11.75" x 19"
KD Creative Woodworks

1/4" Maple Plywood (5 sheets) 11.75" x 19"

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A 5 pack (5 sheets) of Maple, 6 mm 1/4th inch, 11.75”x19” Premium Grade A1, Double Sided, MDF Core, unfinished.

Maple wood has a fine, uniform texture with a generally straight grain.  Grade A1, the best grade available for a clear finish. 

Caliper thickness is 0,23 inches, 6 mm.

Since Maple is such a light-colored wood I suggest masking it before cutting.

Because of the MDF core rather than plywood layers, this provides consistent density, without voids and spaces, and perfect for CNC and laser cutting and engraving with Glowforge, Thunder, Trotec, Epilog, Orion, Mira and other lasers, routers, Dremels and scroll saws. It also glues well and creates a nice finished product.


Glowforge Settings

Engraving Speed 700 Power 90 LPI 270

Cutting Speed 110 Power Full